Game of The Day

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is another masterpiece created by the well-known company. Explore a huge open world and the creatures that live in it. Since it is one of the new parts, there are a lot of amazing things waiting for you here. The Pokemon universe will no longer be the same for you.

Welcome to Paldea!

Before you are breathtaking landscapes. Plains, mountains, city, lakes, wastelands and many other places. At first, you are going to feel excited, because there is so much space, and it is not clear what to do with it. But you can relax, the developers simply may not let you be idle.

There are three storylines that you can freely switch between. Create your success story by completing tasks. Your goal is to become a champion. It should be extremely difficult, but certainly great victories await you in the future. You will succeed.

To turn into an experienced coach, you need to study at a prestigious academy. Join an independent research project! There you are going to find friends and allies, both among students and professors. Appreciate them, because they help you adapt in this region.


Firstly, it is worth admitting that the graphics are really beautiful and of high quality. Every tree, person, animal looks quite natural. There is a special atmosphere around. And how cool that the game gives you the opportunity to establish a unique image for yourself.

Second, the idea. Anyone who has read comics, played this series, or just watched anime love these monsters. They are charming, amazing and unforgettable. And to grow into their coach, to help develop their abilities and take care of them is the dream of many. At the same time, at least three new ones have appeared here. Also, monsters familiar to you live here. Although they are slightly different.

Thirdly, it is funny and entertaining. For the sake of such it is not a pity to spend your money and time. Enjoy this adventure in which you should become a great hero. Here it is possible for you to fulfill all your desires. Be part of this universe with your friends. Expect fresh projects as incredible as this.