Game of The Day

This is a parody game based on an anime. You are a monster trainer who uses them in battle. They are all different, but are mainly divided into three types. Ice, fire and plants. Given their abilities, you need to use strategy to win.

At the beginning, you are going to be given one to choose from. Over time, you may have a whole team of five. Don’t be discouraged if you lose the first time. When you have a chance to develop your wards, it will become much easier. It is possible for you to perform strong and weak attacks, and even those that restore HP.

For a free one, it’s fascinating. There is a nice visual, good sound, no errors. Everything is done with high quality and at the highest level. A huge number of levels may not let you get bored. So if it interests you, then with confidence go and enjoy. You can also recommend it to your friends and others.